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NAME: Joe Manganiello
OCCUPATION: Actor, Writer, Director, Producer
BIRTH DATE: December 28, 1976 (Age: 37)
ZODIAC SIGN: Capricorn
PLACE OF BIRTH: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
FULL NAME: Joseph Michael Manganiello
PARENTS: Charles and Susan Manganiello
SIBLING: Nick Manganiello

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(on how he got involved in the play, Skirts & Flirts) “I shot an episode of Jake in Progress with John Stamos a few years back and the casting people recommended me to the writer of Skirts & Flirts, Gloria Calderon Kellett, who then wrote a part for me in her play… it turned out that she was also a writer on How I Met Your Mother.” — Joe Manganiello

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ABC News: Fans of “True Blood” know that Joe Manganiello smolders on-screen. Now, he’s got a title to prove it: People magazine named him the Hottest Bachelor. In the issue, the actor, 37, opened up about why he’s single (“I just haven’t found that right person!” he explained) and what he’s looking for in a partner. Think you’ve got what it takes to win his heart? Here are a few of his must-haves.


Be a Good Person

The “Magic Mike” actor explained that he’s looking for a woman he vibes well with, and this person sounds pretty great. “Someone I can trust. That I can talk to. That is supportive [and] fun-loving,” he said. “And obviously, somebody that I’m attracted to!”


Have Physical Chemistry With Him

Manganiello was asked what advice his mother gave him and turns out, it’s, well, of the intimate variety. Literally. “She said sex counts for about 40 percent of the relationship,” he said, “but if it’s bad it’s 60!”


Let Him Pursue You

“A man falls in love by chasing,” he explained. “It would be weird if I had a girl calling me, picking me up, holding the door open for me, paying for my dinner. I’m old-fashioned!”


Want to Have Children

He may be single now, but Manganiello wants to get married and have children one day. “But you have to do it in the right situation,” he said. “I don’t want to enter into something that I know is not gonna go the distance.”


Be Honest

“My deal-breaker is cheating or lying,” he said without flinching. “Period.”


Be OK with Unpredictability

Manganiello explained that he’s part Sicilian, which means he’s a “passionate,” “hot-blooded person.” “If you don’t like spicy,” he warned, “then maybe I’m not for you.”


Be a Big Eater

Not only does Manganiello always have Omaha steaks and boneless chicken breasts in his fridge, but he relaxes by enjoying one of his favorite meals, he said.

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‘True Blood’ has already killed off a major character this season, but it looks like more supernaturals are dropping dead before the series’ end. In a new interview, Joe Manganiello teases his own death. Will Alcide really be killed off the show? We know that “nobody is safe” on the final season of True Blood, but please don’t kill off Alcide (Joe Manganiello)! What will we do without those abs? Well, we’ll die. Keep reading to see if it’s really true — but warning: SPOILER ALERT.

‘True Blood’: Joe Manganiello Teases Alcide’s Death

Joe Manganiello is one sexy beast. But not for long…

In a recent interview, the actor behind the wolf pack teased Alcide Hervaux’s pending death on the final season of True Blood. “I think it creates a sense of urgency and electricity to the season that anybody could go at any time,” Joe said on Watch What Happens Live on June 23. “No one is safe.”

Is Alcide Really Being Killed Off?

So is Joe just teasing us, or is Alcide the unsafe one, this time around?

“In the books they have Alcide Hervaux still alive, but the books and the show have not always been the same, and this season will prove that point on multiple occasions with one of the big things being Alcide being killed,” an insider told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “The show is going to be pretty crazy this season and there [are] going to be several significant deaths happening.”

Even more deaths, after Tara? and Alcide?! Put a stake in us.

Even more shocking? Bon Temps hasn’t caught wind of Joe’s departure yet — if Alcide is indeed dead, the news will be just as big of a surprise to Joe’s cast mates, as it was to us.

“They have filmed stuff with Joe afterwards and have done multiple endings to that death scene,” the insider adds. “So many people in the cast and crew think he is still alive.”

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You may know him as Alcide Herveaux in HBO’s True Blood, as Big Dick Richie in Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike or even more recently on the cover of this week’s People Magazine as Hollywood’s Hottest Bachelor, but once you see Joe Manganiello on-scren or on the cover of a magazine, he is hard to forget. Manganiello has been acting since 2002 and is a true fitness professional. Last year he published a body building book titled “Evolution” and earlier this year he starred opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sabotage.

Now in his directorial debut, Manganiello goes behind the curtain at one of the most popular male strip clubs in America. Manganiello documents everything from the dancers’ backgrounds and personal stories to the history of the club and its success and hardship throughout the years.

I spoke to Manganiello one-on-one and we discussed how he conducted all the interviews in the documentary, the difference between working out for a magazine shoot and a TV series, those dance scenes in Magic Mike and of course the last season of True Blood.

La Bare opens in at the Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market for a limited run starting Friday July 4, 2014.

Lauren: First of all congratulations on being named People Magazine’s Hottest Bachelor! That’s pretty amazing.

Joe: Thank you so much!

Lauren: I just watched La Bare last night and I thought it was incredibly informative about the male dancer profession. I thought one of the most interesting points in the film was that male dancers put a lot of showmanship in their performances, with makes them work harder than many female dancers. This was an ongoing theme in the movie and can you talk about why it was important for you to tell that?

Joe: That was the heart of the movie. This exploration of masculinity in a post-feminist context, most of my career as an actor has been about that. Whether it’s been from How I Met Your Mother to True Blood, it’s like what is it to be a man these days? As much as things have changed, there are some things that are never going to change. Mainly fantasies of men and women, we are just wired the way we are and that is a really fascinating topic.

Lauren: In the film, one of the dancers mentioned that he was working out harder than average because he was preparing for a photo shoot. As an actor and fitness professional, do you find that it’s harder to work out for print (magazine) or for TV and movies?

Joe: Well I think you can go harder for a photo shoot because you don’t have pages of dialogue. (Laughs) ForMagic Mike, you had to stay in shape for weeks at a time and sometimes that’s a little tricky. I think it’s easier for a photo shoot than it is for film and TV.

Lauren: Were you the one that conducted all of the interviews in the film?

Joe: Yes, every single one.

Lauren: I love that you interviewed the guys and then cut to a clip of them performing on stage so we could see what they were talking about. When you are producing and making the film, did you have an idea of how you would edit the overall film when it was finished?

Joe: Yes. When you’re on the ground directing, you’re thinking about the footage that you want to have in the editing room. You’re thinking about what B-roll footage you can juxtapose during the interviews. A lot of the times you will get a shot for B-roll and then the next day I would be in an interview and would try to get a comment that would be mix with this B-roll footage we got. Or vice versa. That’s kind of the magic in the electricity of documentary filmmaking. You’re not setting up shots and you have to anticipate where the right place is to have the camera to capture those magical moments and luckily for us we got a lot of those moments.

Lauren: We all know you had a passion for fitness well before you filmed Magic Mike, but after you were done filming that movie, did you have a better appreciation for the male dancers’ work ethic and what they have to do to keep in shape?

Joe: Well, I already knew, I had been on True Blood for years at that point, so I knew. There is no shortcut around it. It all made sense to me, I was no stranger to training at that level, so I knew what it would take.

Lauren: Which character from Magic Mike would have the most fun and make the most money at La Bare?

Joe: (Laughs) I think all those guys would do well. That was one of the things that drew me to shoot the film at La Bare in Dallas versus some other club in another city. It was very similar to the feel of Magic Mike. All of those guys would fit in there.

Lauren: Well we all know Big Dick Richie (Joe’s character in Magic Mike) would make a lot of tips there!

Joe: (Laughs) I think Big Dick Richie would make a lot of tips anywhere.

Lauren: Now that you’ve made a documentary about an interesting subject, if you were to take your knowledge of filmmaking to True Blood and make a documentary about that show, what angle would you take it from?

Joe: I think the topic that would be most interesting to me would be from page to screen. So I would start with Charlaine Harris and start with her process and where he inspiration and ideas came from. What it was like for her to sit down and write that first book, then to sell it and what the success was like. And then following up to Alan Ball, him reading the book, turning it into a TV show and then pitching it to HBO. Then bringing in the writers room, picking and choosing what to use and what not to use. And then how Charlaine’s books that she wrote after the show was started, if they were influenced at all by the show. That would be something interesting. Just the genesis of this idea and how it became this global cultural phenomenon.

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Appearances >> The Wendy Williams Show

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Actor and director Joe Manganiello discusses his new documentary “La Bare” about America’s most legendary strip club. Manganiello also discusses the sequel to “Magic Mike.”

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Joe Manganiello spotted entering Men`s Wearhouse in NYC to donate a suit for the 7th annual National Suit Drive.

Candids >> June 26, 2014 | NYC

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Gallery Link: Television Appearances >> Watch What Happens

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Gallery Link: Television Appearances >> Fox News: Fox and Friends

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HBO Programming Panel: A Peek Behind the Curtain Sunday, June 22nd/2:00pm-3:30pm/Metropolitan Pavilion, Main Stage/125 West 18th Street Presented by HBO HBO aligns the stars from some of its series for a moderated discussion featuring a mix of creators, producers and talent who talked about their creative journeys and current HBO projects.


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