Welcome to Joe Manganiello Central. Your number one growing site on actor, Joe Manganiello. He's well known for his role as Alcide Heveraux on True Blood but has also appeared on How I Met Your Mother & One Tree Hill. His most recent film project LaBare is documentary on the unknown aspects of the world of male strippers and is the first from his production company 359.

Joe at the Aroma Cafe in Studio City

Joe Manganiello grabs a coffee with friends at Aroma Cafe in Studio City.


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Candids from 2014 > Aug 25 | Aroma Cafe | Studio City

Aug 28, 2014

Video: Joe on Larry King Now

Joe Manganiello recently sat down with Larry King on his Emmy nominated series “Larry King Now” to discuss his directorial debut “La Bare” showcasing the world of male exotic dancing, the end of “True Blood”, what very personal item he took with him from set and his special new romance with Sofia Vergara. Joe was also recently named People Magazine’s ‘Hollywood’s Hottest Bachelor’.

The ‘Bachelor’ told Larry that he felt “True Blood” “opened up a whole world for me” and discussed how special it was and also responded to how flattering the fans reactions were to Alcide’s death. “I’m kind of taken aback. I hope nobody does anything too drastic. I mean, getting drunk and howling at the moon, I’m all for. He was a big hearted character. I love those characters and I look for those characters.” He also discussed ‘Magic Mike’, the upcoming sequel and his take on Channing Tatum’s success.

The news of his relationship with Emmy winner Sofia Vergara has been swirling around town. “She became single and I knew I had a very small window of opportunity and I wasn’t going to let it go and I just went after it.”

Joe Manganiello wrapped up his interview by answering social media questions from some of his biggest fans including what he was going to do if he weren’t an actor, spoiler: he wanted to be a man in uniform.

Aug 27, 2014

Joe to be honored with the HRC Seattle Ally for Equality Award

Aug 24, 2014
Aug 24, 2014

Joe outside the Crunch Gym Saturday

Joe Manganiello seen at Crunch gym in Los Angeles. Los Angeles, California – Saturday August 23, 2014.

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Candids > Candids from 2014 > Aug 23 | Crunch Gym | LA

Aug 24, 2014

CAA Pre-Emmy Party in Beverly Hills

Joe and Sofia attended the CAA Pre-Emmy Party that was held at Bouchon Bistro in Beverly Hills August 22, 2014.

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Public Appearances > Events from 2014 > Aug 22 | CAA Pre-Emmy at Bouchon Bristo | Bev Hills

Aug 24, 2014

Joe talks LaBare, Sofia and Evolution on E!News

As if there weren’t enough reasons to wish we were Sofía Vergara, this happens.

The beautiful actress’ ultra hunky boyfriend Joe Manganiello stopped by E! News to chat about his chiseled bod (sigh!), his male stripper documentary La Bare (ooh!) and the Magic Mike sequel (eek!)—oh, and of course, his relationship with the Colombian bombshell. And that’s when our man Joe revealed that his lady reaps the benefits of having a Magic Mike star as her beau. Yes, you’re gonna get so jealous that it hurts.

“Well, you know, I need to practice getting ready for Magic Mike 2. So, that’s all I have to say,” Manganiello admitted when asked if Vergara gets a private viewing of his stripper moves.

Additionally, Joe dished the deets on a funny photo that surfaced of him checking out Vergara’s backside at the White House Correspondents Dinner months before they began dating.

“C’mon you can’t put that in front of me. What am I supposed to do? I’m not going to apologize,” he said. “I totally got busted. That was actually funny when we first started dating, months after that.”

He continued, “We had talked, I guess, or kinda bumped into each other but we didn’t start dating until she was single. She had a boyfriend at that time, so I probably could’ve gotten into a fight for doing that. I’m not trying to start a fight at the White House.”

When he wasn’t dishing on his ladylove, Manganiello talked about his highly anticipated sequel taht will begin shooting “in a few weeks.”

So what can fans expect from Magic Mike 2? “More of the guys. It’s gonna be all of the guys, getting the band back together and we’re gonna go hit the road and cause some mayhem. Some trouble,” he said. In the meantime, Joe’s been keeping busy behind the camera, shooting his documentary La Bare, available on VOD now, which is based on a male strip club in Dallas.

“I wanted to get back into directing. Directing is how I fell in love with acting. I started directing in high school, I made movies in college, so this is always something I’ve done at every level and I wanted to get back into doing that.”

Aug 24, 2014

Joe Runs Some Errands on Friday

‘True Blood’ actor Joe Manganiello tries to keep a low profile while running some errands in Los Angeles, California on August 22, 2014.

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Candids > Candids from 2014 > Aug 22 | Los Angeles


Aug 24, 2014

FYeah! Joe Manganiello sits down with Joe

Atiqah Rosle sat down with Joe recently and asked a few questions.  Here’s an excerpt you can read the rest over at FYeah! Joe Manganiello

       He points out how interesting the process of fitting a show to a network is, which is similar to the experience of trying out for a role.

            “I always wind up at the right place at the right time. It’s not really what I ever think,” He adds, referring to a period when he wasn’t able to accept acting projects due to scheduling conflicts. He was, in the end, offered another project… one that lead him to produce and direct the award-winning documentary, La Bare.

            What would he choose if he had to pick between acting in a cable TV show or a movie? Joe doesn’t hesitate, “Some of the best storytelling going on right now is happening on cable TV. I’d rather work on a good TV show than work in a bad movie.”


Aug 24, 2014

Joe chats with David Poland of DP/30

You probably know Joe Manganiello’s face… or abs… as an actor on True Blood or Magic Mike or Spider-Man. But he grew up in Pittsburgh making movies with his brother. And they get back to it with the documentary, La Bare. Joe talked to David Poland about the early years, his aspirations, and some personal research he did for Magic Mike in this first half of the 2-part DP/30 conversation. Published on Aug 18, 2014

Joe Manganiello talks about learning to dance for Magic Mike and the parade of execs that kept showing up on set… the things strippers in La Bare are not supposed to do and how they all happened… his preference for collaborative directors… his book… how Moby set him straight about crossing lines between acting and directing… and more… Published on Aug 21, 2014

Shot in Los Angeles, August 2014

Aug 24, 2014
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