Adding Personality Using Twitter Likes

News 07:05 May 2024:

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Companies have adopted a trend where they use twitter as part of their official communication. This is quite a good strategy that has been proven to work. In most cases the statements passed out are almost rigid and impersonal. This is also appropriate when the information being passed out is one that needs to be taken seriously. There is however a need to add some personality to the corporate accounts. It gets followers more interested. It also shows a different side to the company.

You can use twitter likes on various tweets from other companies or other personal accounts. This makes the account you are operating a bit better. It would do to like some tweets that are lighthearted. It creates for you a good personality that shows you are a serious corporate entity as well as one that can take a few jokes. Since a company’s twitter page is likely to be held on a higher threshold, it is important to use twitter likes on things that would not paint the company in a bad light.