Incorporate Pictures And Videos as You Engage Your 500 Twitter Followers.

News 07:05 May 2024:

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Even though you are only able to use 140 characters to engage your followers on Twitter, the shortening of some words quickly distorts the message you were trying to pass across. Many tweeps find it hard to compose within the limit and communicate something. Why not vary you tweeting skills from just prose and try using videos and pictures? The two options are best and arouses the interest of your followers and gives them the freedom to air their points of view depending on the topic under discussion. With a single post, you can attract retweets, replies, and likes from your 500 Twitter followers within a short time. It is because everyone is not limited to your written tweet to compare with their thoughts.

Use short videos since no one has time to watch long videos to the end. Funny videos work well here, and a majority of your 500 Twitter followers would love them. Always go for interesting pictures that bring out different sides of the coin from your followers. Vary the videos, photos and written ones to make them glued to your page.