Bringing 1000 Twitter Followers To Your Instagram (Or Other Social Sites)

News 02:03 March 2024:

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It’s quite normal for a person to have a high number of followers on one social site and a lesser number of followers on his or her other sites.

For example, if you have 1000 twitter followers on your twitter account, how can you make them also follow you on your other social sites, such as Instagram or Pinterest or tumblr?

This is why most of the social media plug ins are integrated to link to each other, so you can always direct your existing followers to your other social sites. However, doing this is not as easy as it sounds because if you have the same content on all social sites, then why would your followers have to follow them all?

One of the tricks to make sure your followers follow all your social sites is by sharing or posting different content, but with similar theme. This way, your followers would want to know more about what’s going on for the day. It keeps them curious and interested in finding out.

When your followers are curious, they will automatically seek you out and follow your other social sites too!