Methods on how to get twitter followers

Twitter refers to an online application that airs out news and provides social networking services where users post, news, opinions, company links and interact by use of messages. These messages are called “ tweets” and are restricted to 140 characters only. For one to engage on Twitter, they should have a registered account. Twitter is accessed via the SMS, the website or the mobile application that can be downloaded on any smartphone. How to get twitter followers is relevant to a user because having a fan base helps in developing and growing one’s brand resulting in increased company sales and profits depending on what the company does. There are numerous ways to get a large following on Twitter, and we will outline them as follows:

  1. Share significant and outstanding content

Any user is treated as a brand and whatever they share will cost or gain them, followers, make sure that you share valuable, worthy reading content using your Twitter handle. Putting the right content to the world out there is a crucial key to social media marketing for any brand. Before sharing any content, identify your target clients and audience, that way you can sieve the right content from the numerous sources available. If you are running a company or business, look at your competitors timeliness and profiles and borrow a leaf or two from what they are sharing, because apparently, it’s working for them!

  1. Rules of engagements

Social media is all about establishing commitments and building lasting relationships, be it personal or business wise and Twitter is not any different. You need to dedicate generous time and go an extra mile with much effort engaged to get more twitter followers. With the already established contact list, strive to reach for more members whom you think are relevant to your brand. Always retweet other users great tweets that you see make an impact to your account, this way you will have established a relationship with either a new or existing user. Many people use social media sparingly as a means to check out on current news among others, be different, make it a routine social marketing strategy and with time the benefits will be seen. With time your contact will increase resulting to increased followers.

  1. Sharing your content more often

With increased users on Twitter, you need to share your content several times a day, the more you tweet, the more users you reach and have the opportunity of being out there with your brand. As much as tweeting frequently is advised, quality comes first before quantity, and I can’t reemphasize enough on sharing good content, the many times you can get the better for your brand. With your presence on the media all through, it makes the world recognize your account as being active and attracting the attention of the would-be clients and investors.

  1. Promoting your Twitter profile.

Most people are currently blogging on numerous factors that affect our society, lifestyle and the world we live. If you are running a blog, consider to point out your twitter account when signing off, when you a guest blogger do the same with your username. This way anyone coming across the blog and has the interest in whatever you are writing about can easily follow you on twitter hence increasing your twitter followers. Your company profile should automatically be linked to your Twitter account for the same reasons mentioned above. For some reason, if your brand is mentioned in a press release or a blog always put a link to your twitter account.

  1. Using the Twitter contests to win followers

Twitter allows a user to carry out the competition on its platform, its natural that people love free stuff, so definitely this will attract many fans. If employing this tactic, however, one needs to be careful about the type of followers he will attract, some joyrides will come for freebies and disappear once the contest is over, narrow down your prizes to something your company and brand stands for. When you take this approach, it’s easy to attract future and permanent clients for your brand. With the new customers, your user account will have many followers, and your company will record profits in the long run.



  1. Be smart when it comes to spamming.

It’s so common that when some users get new followers, they send general spamming messages thanking the fans for “ following “ them. Honestly, it’s  annoying when one gets that message in their inboxes. To stand out of the rest, personalize your messages and do not over do it! With a personal different unique message, you will capture the attention of your followers and have their attention and curiosity aroused about your brand. Be unique and minimize on your promotional spams

G.Syncing your personal contacts with Twitter

Twitter has a feature that prompts you to sync your personal email contacts and phone numbers with your account. This way you can get more followers quickly that you expected. Once synced your Twitter account will appear to other users who are in your contact list as suggested and you will be surprised at how many people will comfortably add you. Your Twitter followers will increase with such an opportunity.


  1. Twitter online marketing events

There are chat groups feature on Twitter that will help you engage with like-minded users, and these chats will Place your brand out there because it acts as an online networking platform. With any engagement carried out, coupled with an active profile targeting the right group online one is assured of a large following for their account.


With the ever evolving Twitter application, one is advised to be up to date with the latest features, have a compelling profile that will stand out of the masses and be authoritative on their brand. Confidence in what you present put’s clients at peace and offers them assurance about your brand and company. All in all, this ways will assure you of how to get more twitter followers.

Making a Weather Station Model

Coming up with an accurate model can actually be equated to learning a secret language. It can be a very satisfying experience. On the upper-level and surface weather maps, the weather enthusiasts usually spot these station models. They normally play the roleof collecting all the important information from a number of stations present on a map. This is what makes the station model a very important tool.  The good news is that it does not really take a lot to be able to come up with the model. All you will need is cursory weather knowledge and a basic understanding of the weather maps. Below are some tips and examples that you can use.

When the sky is only a quarter-way covered with clouds

Plot a circle then look at the sky and subdivide it into a number of eights. Fill the circle in line with the eights on the sky that you have created that have cloud cover. A clear circle is a representation of a station with no cloud cover while a full circle will represent a station with an overcast sky.

When the sky is overcast and has 65-knot average 1-minute wind speed

Draw a line from the circle going in the direction from which the wind is coming. Then draw a line long enough to be perpendicular and to and connect to the tip of the initial line; this should be representative of a wind speed of 10 knots. Then draw a second line that is shorter to represent a wind speed of five knots. Then draw a flag to represent 50 knots.

Find the dew point and the temperature of the weather station. To the left side of the wind barbs, make a recording of the temperature in degree Celsius. The dew point should be recorded just below the temperature; just under the circle but on the right side.

Slight but continuous rain during observation

To the left side of the circle that you had initially drawn, draw the symbol showing the current condition of the weather. Record the visibility in miles on the left hand side of the current weather symbol.

On the circle’s upper right side, jot down the sea level pressure. This pressure ought to be recorded to the nearest millibar tenth. On the weather station model, only the final three digits of the number should appear.

You should also record the changes in pressure. These changes in pressure ought to also be recorded to the nearest tenth. Jot it down just under where you have recorded the current pressure at sea level. A decrease in the amount of pressure should be signified using a negative sign while an increase in pressure ought to be signified using a positive sign.


To obtain maximum visibility, the weather authorities normally choose to use 7 miles. Ensure that the station that you are using has reference points to help you with the visibility.


Please remember that the average pressure at sea level is usually ranges from 930 to 1050 millibars. This means that when there is a recording of 298, it will be assumed to be 1029.8 and not 929.8. The only exception is usually when an abnormal weather event has taken place such as a very huge hurricane.

Making this model allows one to study whetherpatterns and be able to understand them at an advanced level. This is the main reason as to why it was earlier indicated thatone has to have cursory knowledge of the weather before they can start to draw the model. It isimportant that you be able to accurately read and measure the current weather conditions. Also important is having the knowledge of recording the different weather elementsand the units in which they ought to be recorded. For instance, you saw that pressure at sea level is measured in millibars while the speed of wind is measured in knots. For one to be able to accurately draw this model, you need to have knowledge of these things.

However, drawing the model is not as hard as it seems. It is actually a very enjoyable experience once you get to know the ins and outs of it.